I Have this Garden of Poems

full of flowers that bloom
at first
and then carried away with my greenthumb
i planted everything
trees and more trees and shrubs and bamboos
and vines and hanging plants

almost everything
and so the blooming flowers died
and the grasses diminishing like some
hair of this baldness

but nothing is lost in this garden of poems
the birds came and built their nests
some are still coming
every morning
and then the chirping begins


God and Heaven

Thunder fills the air
Lightning hits the sky
Pummeling down onto a tree
Flashes of red and orange appear between the winds

Rain starts to fall
And Harder
Dripping drops drip down the window
Streaking bright red and orange inside the drops

Screeching reaches my ears
Headaches starts to seep through my brain
In the midst of my staring at the rain-drops
Tears start to run all along my face
More and more pour down me

Soaking in my tears,
My hands start to shake
Wishing this was a dream
And soon, that I'd wake

But I knew,
I knew I was goner

Feeling the hate that god gave to me,
I let my hands feel the pain
That was given to me

Shock ran down my arm
Desperation ran through my mind,
Desperation to be able to be pain-free,
Desperation that I could be able to ask for forgiveness
But I knew it was too late
And I knew that I was not going to be part of Heaven

Sad I thought,
To have thought this would not happen to me

So I did what I thought was going to win this forgiveness
I kneeled down
And Prayed to god to forgive me

I whispered it,
I voiced it,
I yelled it,
I screamed it,

Silence filled the air
Devils swarmed my surroundings
The house I was just in,

Billions of devils surrounded me

Light poured over them
The pain I had was instantly gone

I checked to see if my arms were gone
Or to see if I was surrounded by fire
To see if devils still swarmed around me

But nothing of that type caught my eye

Instead, I glimpsed light in the distance
Light so scintillating, that it didn't even hurt my eyes

Running towards the light, I caught sight of a horse,
Just standing there, staring at me,
It already had a saddle on it
Walking past it, it began to follow me

I stopped, dead, in the middle of the road
Trying to wake
But when I found out I couldn't,
I started to go hell-bent for leather

Glancing back, the horse was right beside me,
I knew I couldn't get away from it
So I stopped, and stared as it got closer

It bent its head in front of me
Indicating that I should get on

So I did, and it ran on and on through the tunnels,
Across the bridges,
Passing angels sitting inside their rich-like houses.

Then it came,
Streaking through the light,
Glimpses of angels hit my eyes

Starting to pick up speed,
I began to feel myself start to lift off the ground,
I noticed wings on my horse,
And instantly knew,
It was a pegasus.

Gardens floating in the air,
Angels soaring around,
I came to a wise, and heart-warming man,
Instantly, I knew who it was,
It was the person who I prayed forgiveness too.

He forgave me forever and told me I had full access to heaven.

And there I knew,
That murdering 160,000 people,
Was bad.

Jeremy Peterson

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